5 African countries with unique mysticism

The discovery of the mystical practices of Africa makes it possible to better understand its culture. Oral transmission means that few people have access to this part of the culture which attracts more and more foreign people.

Discover 5 African countries that have unique mystical practices.

Voodoo from Benin.

The voodoo cult is associated with a large amount of popular myth and legends, which have made it one of the oldest and most enigmatic cults in the world. The term « Vodoun » would have two very different meanings: « Use everything you need in nature » or « what cannot be elucidated ». Today, the Voodoo cult has around 50 million followers worldwide.

The « voodoo » and the men are linked by a kind of mystical pact. Man must not part with his protective « voodoo ». This pact consists in an exchange of goods, prayers, sacrifices, coming from men, for graces, rewards, cures and protection coming from « voodoo ». If man neglects worship, he receives some punishment. If the « voodoo » no longer manifests its power, men may have to neglect their sanctuary and completely forget it. Mutual assistance is one of the first rules respected both by men and by « voodoo ». VOODOO is an evolving, living religion, a dance religion and a possession religion.

Wack, Burkina Faso

From head of state to ordinary citizen, occult practices are a reality of the African continent. Some families have their marabout, as others have a family doctor. The presidential palaces are teeming with esoteric counselors, who guide the great choices of crowned heads.

The Wack is a magic solution which makes it possible to carry out projects, which allows wealth, the wholesale protection of the wack is a kind of guide.

Kankourang, Gambia.

Mask and being mythical guardian of the values ​​of the Mandingo peoples of Senegambia, the Kankourang generally appears at the end of the winter and during circumcision ceremonies between the months of September and October.

The kankourang is a protective genius. It plays an important role in regulating society. Guarantor of the safety of initiates on the occasion of circumcision ceremonies, he chases away evil spirits, also ensures the protection of fruit and agricultural production, watches over behavior, the environment and generally the consolidation of the social fabric of the community.

The Ndop, Senegal

It is a divination process which can call upon the dream and/or the mediation of objects like roots or cowries in order to obtain information. It takes place on Saturday evening or Tuesday evening.

Makishis masquerade, Zambia.

It is an initiation ritual, danced in central Africa by young boys.

After an initiation in the bush, called mukanda, including a circumcision, the makishi masquerade ceremony allows young boys to be reintegrated as adults in their families.