AFRICA 35.35*

« There is always an opportunity that strenghtens your enthusiasm and conviction. Above all, boost your devotion to positive impact. The Africa 35.35 prize, to me, is that unbeatable opportunity. »

Routouang Ndonga Christian, Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Tchad
former Youth Ambassador to the Africa 35.35 Prize for Tchad

Become the African Youth of the Year !

AFRICA 35.35 recognizes the merit of 35 youth under 35 years old among the most remarkable in Africa and from the Afro Diaspora.

Since 2016, this initiative has awarded 146 exceptional young people from 32 countries, and we represent one of the most visible and well received Awards initiative on the continent.

The 2020 edition will see the laureates receive their trophies in their respective countries due to the global health crisis and a virtual awards ceremony take place.

The main partner and sponsor of this edition is AFRICA KITOKO.

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Who are the organizers of the Africa 35.35 Awards?

Association 3535 – we think, we design and we execute new initiatives that dynamize African innovation ecosystems. The Association brings together young professionals from 20 African countries and on this occasion collaborates with several partners in Africa.

Who is the Super Prize?

Among the 35 laureates, we will designate the African Youth of the Year who has driven exceptional impact in Africa.

What are the key dates?

  • Call for applications: July 30th to August 31st
  • Public announcement of the Africa 35.35 laureates: September 2020
  • Leadership Program and Award Ceremony: October 2020

What are the selection criteria?

An international and independent jury comprised of personalities is in charge of selecting the laureates, according to the following 3 criteria : Demonstrated leadership (20%), Innovative nature of work (30%), Positive impact (50%)

Does it make a difference whether I am nominated or apply by myself?

Absolutely no difference. And please just one person nominating you would do.

Which categories are awarded?

  • Acting
  • Advocacy and Community Action
  • Agriculture and Agri Business
  • Arts, Culture and Fashion
  • Influencer and Internet Personality
  • Corporate Manager
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Media Entrepreneurship
  • Music
  • TV and Radio Personality
  • Public Service
  • Technology

What happens when I nominate someone?

We only contact the nominee if this person is shortlisted and in this case, we require additional information.

What prize do the laureates receive?

The African Youth of the Year will receive special media exposure. All laureates receive a trophy and extensive media exposure.