Gari is eaten like that in Africa…

Cassava undergoes several transformation to achieve the result of gari. Gari is a finely granulated semolina obtained from the grated cassava tuber, fermented, pressed, sieved and then dried over fire. With the gari several dishes can be created. In Africa, each people has their own way of consuming gari.

Let’s discover the different consumption of gari in Africa.

In Nigeria gari can be consumed with milk, you just have to immerse the gari in milk and add sugar and voila. In Benin the gari is eaten in the form of a paw, it is a dish very appreciated by the population.Tapioca is the name given to the gari in Cameroon, it is the basis of several recipes, including couscous with vegetables, tapioca with shrimp … In Ghana there is the yoo ke gari which is a gari with beans, a combination which is generally eaten for lunch. In Togo the gari Pinon is used for gari, which is a recipe for gari accompanied by vegetables and meats.