African influencer of the week: Ameyaw Debrah

What is your name and your country ?

My name is Ameyaw Kissi Debrah and I am from Ghana

What are the subjects in which you get involved?

I have an interest in a number of things around entertainment, art and culture. I like to showcase Ghanaian and African creativity and pop culture to the world. We have great talents that are comparable to any talent around the world. 

Who/What is your biggest inspiration ?

My biggest inspiration is waking up and knowing that my opinions, my views and voice matter to people. I don’t look to many people for inspiration as what I do is usually self motivated. In general, I am inspired by creativity, innovation and well curated content production.  

What is your favourite hobby ?

My favourite hobby – watching TV, I like comedy and good humour.

Do you have a unique talent or something unique you can do?

My superpower is… my ability to observe and form accurate opinions about people, almost as if i could read the minds of people.

If you should take vacation in Africa , what would it be ?

If I had to take a vacation in Africa, it would be…Cape Town

Your dream for Africa?

My dream for Africa is for us to rise to our fullest potential. We are blessed with a lot and we haven’t utilised them, we have let little things divide us and and made us unfocused.