Abla Pokou is an African queen who, around 1770, led the Baoule people from Ghana to the Ivory Coast.

She left the kingdom accompanied by her family, her servants, her loyal soldiers and her followers to avoid being killed in a war of succession.They fled to the northwest of Ivory Coast.

In their flight, the Abla Pokou clan arrived at the Comoe River which was a natural border between Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

With the Comoe River standing in the way of crossing, The Genius of the River demands a sacrifice of a loved one to create a path.

With the queen not having children to perform this tragic duty, then came his sister, who offered to give her only baby.

Abla Pokou sacrificed the child for the survival of his tribe. The fleeing people crossed the river without difficulty. After the crossing, the queen turned around and said: “Bâwouli”, which literally means: “The child is dead.”. This sentence would have subsequently given the name of the Baoulé people (ba wouli). “The child is dead!”.