Ludwick Marishane

Ludwick Marishane invented the first waterless bath gel (DryBath). He was still in high school when he thought of DryBath, a gel that does all the work of a bath without the need for water.  He started working in a laboratory and it took eight versions to get to the final result. The idea of the product seems simple: you apply the lotion to kill germs and you no longer need to take a bath. DryBath saves time and water for people without regular access to running water, but also helps limit the spread of disease.

In 2011, four years after Marishane created the idea for his groundbreaking product, he won the organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award, as well as $10,000 in cash to fund his startup.   Marishane , who was studying at the University of Cape Town at the time, beat 1,600 other student candidates from around the world.