Richard Turere, inventor of the lion lights

 Richard Turere is a Masai shepherd. He became responsible for raising and safeguarding his family’s cattle when he was only nine years old.

But often, his precious cattle were attacked by lions roaming in the savannah grasses of the park, leaving him to count the losses.

So, at the age of 11, Turere decided it was time to find a way to protect his family’s cows, goats and sheep from hungry lions.

Turere realized that the lions were afraid to venture near the palisade of the farm when someone was walking around with a flashlight. He put his young spirit to work and a few weeks later, he had developed an innovative, simple and inexpensive system to scare away predators.

He created « Lion Lights » which are flashing lights installed around a perimeter facing outwards; which are used to scare lions.

More impressive is that Turere designed and installed the entire system by himself, without ever receiving any training in electronics or engineering.

Since Turere created its “Lion Lights”, his family has not lost any cattle to the benefit of wild animals, to the delight of his father and the astonishment of his neighbors.