10 beautiful beaches in Africa

1. Lake Malawi, Mozambique

Stretching over an approximate length of 580 kilometers, this lake is known for its clear, deep waters and mountains in the background. The lake has several calm beaches where the clarity of the water and rocky reliefs make up a most marvelous picture.

2. Malindi, Kenya

This city is traditionally an important port place, but today has become more of a lively seaside resort very popular with international tourists for its dynamism, its cultural richness and its white sandy beaches.

3. Nosy Iranja, Madagascar

A true paradise for sea turtles, this islet is made up of wonderful beaches of white sand so fine that at a certain time of the day, they reflect the light of the sun. When the tide is low, it is possible to walk from one island to another.

4. Île aux Bénitiers, Republic of Mauritius

Measuring two kilometers long with a maximum width of 500 meters, this island is a small uninhabited islet of the Indian Ocean. Formed by a coral reef, it is a tourist excursion place appreciated for its calm and its magnificent beaches.

5. Camps Bay, South Africa

Camps Bay is a suburb of the city of Cape Town. Its white sandy beaches bordered by palm trees and tumultuous waves make the place famous, just like the hectic nightlife.

6. Zanzibar, Tanzania

Located in the Indian Ocean, this Tanzanian archipelago has countless heavenly beaches. On Unguja Island is this beautiful beach where a restaurant sits in the middle of the water.

7. Quemado, Morocco

Quemado Beach is located on the outskirts of the city of Al Hoceïma, on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco. Embedded at the foot of a cliff, this beach is known for the beauty of its turquoise water and its fine sand. People come here to sunbathe and practice various water sports (jet ski, water ski, diving).

8. Maputo Bay, Mozambique

White sand, golden dunes and crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean are the qualifiers that describe the beaches of this bay. This idyllic beach will appeal to both divers and vacationers who come to enjoy the tranquility of the place. Mombasa, Kenya

Bordered by white sand, this beach is ideal for lovers of idleness and sun. For the more adventurous, the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean offers a wide variety of corals which surprise with their varied colors and shapes.

10. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

Located on the Ile de la Digue, this paradise beach is characterized by fine sand and impressive rock massifs. It is good to walk around and immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters.