The emblematic animals of African countries

A country can embrace an animal or an object as a national symbol. They are very important since they represent some key characteristic aspects of the nation. While some appear on flags, it is not the case of all of them, but in all cases they point out an image that a country wants to convey to the rest of the world.

South Africa Springbok

Algeria Fennec

Botswana Zebra

Democratic Republic of Congo Okapi

Ivory Coast Elephant

Ėritrea Dromedary

Ethiopia Lion

Kenya Cheetah / Elephant

Liberia Lion

Libya Lion of the Atlas

Malawi Thomson’s Gazelle

Morocco Barbary Lion

Namibia Orix

Somalia Leopard

Senegal Lion

Swaziland Thomson’s Gazelle

Tanzania Giraffe

Togo Hippopotamus

Cameroon Lion

Tunisia Eagle

Burkina Faso Stallion

Gabon Panther

Zimbabwe Bird Zimbabwe

Zambia Eagle

Chad Lion

South Sudan African Fish Eagle

Sudan Secretary bird

Seychelle Turtle

Sao Tome and Principe A hawk and a Congo gray

Uganda Grey crowned crane

Nigeria Eagle

Niger Buffalo

Maurice Dodo

Mali Vulture

Madagascar Zebu

Lesotho Crocodile

Egypt Golden Eagle

Guinea Elephant / Dove

Ghana Eagle

Gambia Lion

Eswatini Lion / Elephant

Republic of congo Lion

Central African Elephant

Cape Verde Turtle

Burundi Lion

Botswana Zebra

Benin Leopard

Angola Antelope