Fried banana is called like that in Africa…

Plantains are a staple food in Africa. In the majority of households in Africa, bananas are eaten. Depending on the tastes of consumers, it can be eaten in the form of a dough or fried.

Fried plantains have different names in each country. Thus, we have the famous Alloco in Ivory Coast which is composed of plantains fried in palm oil or peanut oil, and is most often used as a snack or side dish for a main course. It is customary to taste this dish with fried fish or chicken. Its sale on the roadsides or in the markets and its low price make it a culinary specialty quite accessible.

However, this dish has other names such as Dodo in Benin, Gonja in Uganda, kelewele in Ghana, Amadan Toto in Togo or even makemba in Congo.