How to say hello in an african dialect?

Africa has the largest linguistic diversity in the world with nearly 2000 local languages. Check out some phrases to say hello in the local language.

–           gna kazô wine, among the Ktokoli in Togo

–          mhoro, among the SHONA, Zimbabwe

–          yambo, in SWAHILI, Tanzania

–          nangadef, in WOLOF, Senegal

–          alapiale, in DOGON, Mali

–          sawubona, in ZuLU, South Africa

–          ozông tchî, in MBOUDA, Cameroon

–          azul, in KABYLE, Algeria

–          ŋlɩwa’lɛ, in KABIYÈ, Benin

–          anissoroma, in DIOULA, Côte d’Ivoire