Jollof rice wars

The jollof rice or wolof rice is a dish which has its origins in Senegal and which is much prepared in Africa.

Jollof is eaten in the following countries: Ghana, Gambia, Senegal, Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Togo and Mali.

Its name changes according to the country, in Ivory Coast, it is called RIZ GRAS and Jollof rice in Ghana and Nigeria. In these countries, the preparation keeps the same basis. Rice, tomato, vegetables, meat or fish, and each brings its own touch.

Now, there are jollof rice contests.

In July 2018, Liberia won the competition for the best Jollof rice at the Jollof festival in Washington, DC, followed by Sierra Leone, which won the following year.

In August 2019, Ghana wins the competition for the best Jollof rice during the battle of Onga Jollof in Accra, Ghana and in September 2019, Nigeria wins the competition for the best Jollof rice in the African travel and tourism market AKWAABA in Lagos, in Nigeria.

The wars are still ongoing 🙂 So who makes the best jollof rice, according to you?