Most powerful militaries in Africa

This ranking is based on fifteen metrics among which we have: number of serving soldiers, naval force, availability of the fuel for militaries operations, number of fighters aircraft, defense budgets and logistics flexibility.

Thus, in 2020, Egypt is always the first of the most powerful militaries in Africa by registering a score of 0,1872. It is mainly explained by 920.000 military personnel and 11.700 Armoured vehicles. Egypt is the only African country to be in the top 10 most powerful militaries in the World coming at the 9th position of the 2020 ranking of Global Fire Power.

Algeria is the second most powerful military in Africa with a score of 0,4659. It is essentially supported by the number of Armoured vehicles (7361), rockets and missiles launchers (316).

The third one, in Africa, South Africa with a score of 0, 4985 supported by the criterias of Armoured vehicles (2000) and serving soldiers (81.300).

Nigeria with a score of 0,6485 comes at 4th position due to its military personnel (120.000) and its number of Armoured vehicles ( 1784). Angola is 5th of this ranking having a score of 0,8379 mainly due to its number of tickets and missiles launchers (115) and helicopters (126).