African countries: global ranking in mineral wealth

Africa is rich in raw materials. Whether it be energy sources (Oil, gas, coal, uranium …) or agricultural resources (cocoa, coffee), the commodities sector has a lot to offer. Africa has significant mineral resources which account for a third of the world’s reserves, all minerals combined.

Several African countries are also in the world ranking of mineral resources. South Africa, for example, is the world’s sixth largest producer of diamonds, the world’s seventh largest producer of iron and the world’s largest producer of manganese. Sudan is 8th gold producer, and Botswana is the 4th diamond producer in the world, just behind Congo which is 3rd. Ghana is the 6th world producer of gold, Guinea the 3rd world producer of Bauxite, Gabon is the 4th world producer of manganese and Zimbabwe is the 5th world producer of diamonds.