The 10 biggest football stadiums in Africa

Africa is a land of football. It has stadiums that can host high-level matches.

Despite the lack of resources deployed in the king sport, some nations of the continent have all the same managed to set up impressive infrastructures which have nothing to envy to those erected on other continents.

Here are the top 10 biggest stadiums in Africa:

1) FNB Stadium (South Africa)

Capacity: 94,700

City: Johannesburg

Resident team: South African football team, Kaizer Chiefs FC

2) Borg El Arab Stadium (Egypt)

Capacity: 86,000

City: Alexandria

Resident team: Egypt football team

2) 5 July 1962 stadium

Capacity: 85,000

City: Alger

Resident teams: Algerian football team.

4) Stade des Martyrs (DR Congo)

Capacity: 80,000

City: Kinshasa

Resident team: national team of DR Congo

5) Cairo International Stadium (Egypt)

Capacity: 74,100

City: Cairo

Resident team: Egypt football team, Al-Ahly, Zamalek

6) Radès Olympic Stadium

Capacity: 65,000 places

City: Rades

Resident team: Espérance sportif de Tunis

7) Ellis Park Stadium (South Africa)

Capacity: 62,567

City: Johannesburg

Resident team: Lions, Golden Lions, South African rugby union team

8) Abuja Stadium (Nigeria)

Capacity: 60,491

City: Abuja

Resident team: Nigeria football team

9) Olympic stadium cleared

Capacity: 60,012

Abidjan city

10) June 11 stadium

Capacity: 60,000

City: Tripoli

Resident team: Libyan selection.