10 tallest buildings in Africa

Although Africa is not generally known for its abundance of skyscrapers, it has undergone a building surge in many cities. The number of tall buildings has been seen growing  significantly throughout the continent over the last few decades.

1. South Africa (The Leonardo, 234m -768ft -55 floors)

2. South Africa (Carlton Center, 223m- 732ft- 50 floors)

3. Kenya (Britam Tower, 200m- 656ft- 31 floors)

4. South Africa (Ponte City Tower 173m- 568ft- 54 ​​floors)

5. Kenya (UAP Tower 163m- 535ft- 33 floors)

6. Nigeria (NECOM House 160m- 525ft- 32 floors)

7. Tanzania (PSPF Towers 157m- 515ft- 35 floors)

8. South Africa (Marble Towers 152m- 499ft- 32 floors)

9. South Africa (Pearl Dawn 152m- 499ft- 31 floors)

10. South Africa (South African Reserve Bank Building 150m 492ft 38 floors)