Alcohol made in Africa

We don’t often talk about them and yet African countries have produced alcohol for centuries. Traditionally, Africa has always produced many beers with its cereals.

Palm wine

Palm wine itself is made from the natural fermentation of palm sap: either it is obtained from the sap of the African oil palm, or from the raffia sap, or from the coconut sap. Its quality can vary enormously.

“Palm wine” is found almost everywhere in Africa, especially in the West under different names: Legmi in Tunisia and Algeria, Sodabi in Benin and Togo, Nsafufuo in Ghana, Seung in Senegal, Masanga ya mbila or ya Nsamba or Sese or Mabondo in Congo and Malanga or Malamba in Gabon, Bandji in Ivory Coast, Ulanzi in Tanzania.

Palm spirit

Palm spirit is widely consumed in Côte d’Ivoire under the name of Koutoukou, created through the distillation of buds of palm leaves (oil palm, raffia or rônier). This drink was banned in 1964 and then authorized again in 1999.

In Ghana, palm spirit is called Akpeteshie. Palm wine or cane wine is distilled and an spirit between 40 and 50% alcohol is obtained. It is called is Kai Kai in Nigeria.