Most popular foreign football clubs in Africa

Thirteen times European champion, Real Madrid does not reign only over the « Old Continent ». The giant Merengue can also claim to be the most popular football club in Africa.

Indeed, and according to a study conducted by the JD Sport site concerning queries on the Google search engine, the prestigious Spanish club appears at the top of searches in 23 countries of the « mother continent ».

The map illustrating the results of this study, however, highlights a clear division by region concerning the preferences of fans of European football in Africa. If the north and west of the continent are clearly dominated by the Iberian juggernaut, the countries of the south and east are more oriented towards the prestigious teams of the English Premier League and in particular towards Manchester United and Arsenal which arrive at the head research in 13 nations.

Surprisingly, FC Barcelona, ​​the second most popular club in the world on social networks, leads research only in three African countries, namely Sudan, Malawi and South Sudan.

It should also be noted that Egypt is the only African country not to favor one of the four clubs mentioned above, preferring instead to seek Liverpool. The extraordinary performance of the double African Golden Ball Mohamed Salah under the prestigious jacket of the « Reds » is undoubtedly the most important factor in the rise of Egyptians’ interest in the Mersey club.