Waist beads and hip ornaments in Africa

In western countries, seduction is expressed in lingerie. In Africa, it materializes in the form of beads. Called Baya among the Malinké, Afleman among the Akan, bine bine among the Wolof, djènanan among the Mina, zigida in Lingala, jigida and ileke-Idi in the Yoruba, many are the names designating these small hip chains. Colorful, fine or large, wearing beads on the hips is an ancient habit that we no longer present. Girls start wearing them from an early age. Among its roles, a hip chain can also serve to support the loincloth during menstrual period.

Depending on usage, beads have many effects. In popular African culture, they help babies to bear the passage of tooth growth and are associate with a small jewel made of animal skin in certain regions of the continent.

With the integration of religions from europe, the pearls will be embellished with small religious medallions that little girls will wear everywhere. Ideal for early training of famous African curves or simply to cure certain ailments, hip chains remain this accessory that queens and even kings of the African continent have worn.

These chains worn on the hips are a real praise to the coquetry and creativity of African women. They emphasize the woman’s body and highlight her beautiful curves.