Top 5 africa’s biggest container ports

Ports are the entry and exit interfaces for goods in Africa. From north to south of the continent, each country is trying to equip its seafront with a commercial port rivaling that of its neighbors. It is a key sector of the African economy.

Let’s consider the top 5 most impressive ports in Africa. The Tangier Med port of Morocco is at the top with a volume of 3,312,409 TEU containers (Twenty Feet Equivalent) treated. The second is Port Said in Egypt with 2,989,897 TEU containers treated. In 3rd position comes the port of Durban which is the largest port in Africa with a volume of 2,699,978 TEU containers processed, the port handles up to 31.4 million cargoes each year. Far behind comes the port of Lagos with a volume of 1,500,000 TEU containers processed and finally the port of Mombassa (Kenya) with a volume of 1,189,000 TEU containers processed.