Top 5 tourist destinations in Africa

Africa has an enormous natural wealth with its various national parks, the pyramids, its culture, its traditions, etc. Whether ethnic, geological or even cultural, diversity has permeated Africa and shaped its face. It is the cradle of genetic and linguistic diversity, 1,000 ethnic groups conversed using 2,000 languages, making their exchange very unique. All of these factors make Africa the number one destination for many tourists.

In the top 5 of tourist destinations in Africa, Morocco occupies the first place with 12.3 million tourists and a revenue of 7.8 billion dollars. We then find Egypt with 11.35 million tourists for a revenue of 11.61 billion dollars and South Africa with 10.47 million tourists for 8.82 billion dollars. The last two places are occupied by Tunisia with 8.3 million tourists for a revenue of 1.71 billion dollars and finally comes Zimbabwe with 2.57 million tourists. It is important to note that the revenue generated by tourism in Tanzania is $ 2.45 billion.